Friday, April 24, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Kansas Dad and I have been talking with First Daughter about learning to use the bathroom like a big girl so she won't have to wear diapers. Her interest so far has pretty much been limited to talking about it, but I decided to take advantage of the sunny and warm spring days we've had. Yesterday, I let First Daughter wear some new big girl underwear while we were outside. I figured any mess would be easy for me to clean and it might just be the lesson she needs. I think she may be closer to being ready than we had even hoped.

She asked to come in and use the bathroom after a while. She was still dry, but didn't have any success, even after about 30 minutes. (We read a number of stories, all gathered around the bathroom; such fun family bonding.) Of course, as soon as she was off and relaxed a bit more she had to go, but by then it was First Son's turn so I ended up with an inside mess to clean up. I was encouraged, though, that she is able to tell when she needs to go and is able to control it at least a little.

She is very excited to be wearing underwear so we'll be using them again, but only when we're out in our yard.

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