Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Graduate

Last night the local library held a little graduation ceremony for the story hour class. It's really a fantastic preschool program with lots of moving, drawing, and creating. First Son was one of the four adorable graduates. He was a bit shy of all the attention, but was thrilled with his gifts, with the cupcake and with all the running around on the lawn until all hours of the night. (We provided most of the treats, including the cupcakes, and I want you to know I picked out all the eggshells for this special event.)

Hopefully we'll be able to participate a bit in the summer reading program, which is much more than a reading list and prizes for churning out pages. And we'll be back for the story hour again with First Daughter in the fall. First Son will be welcome back, too, since we're planning to homeschool.


  1. Oh, how I wish our story hours were this good. We stopped going because it was basically just the children's librarian reading some selection of (not always good) stories in a bored monotone, and a really boring "craft" that usually involved gluing pre-cut shapes on to large paper. Yours sounds like a whole different world!

  2. We actually frequent story hours at two different libraries and they're both wonderful. This one in our little town is far better than anything I had expected, and all organized and funded by the generosity of one "teacher", the librarian and her husband. The "big" library family story hour doesn't always have the best books (though they usually are excellent), but the librarian who reads them is fabulous. She always uses props, puppets and includes songs and movements along with her four or five stories. We drive a long ways to listen to her and she's worth it!

  3. How cute! He looks so grown-up!


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