Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother, I Want to Make Something!

We checked this book out from the library once and First Son made a shark but didn't seem too interested in anything else. He rediscovered it a few weeks ago when a our very own copy arrived in the mail. Now it seems he's always asking to make something from the book. Here are a few of the results:

It's actually a wonderful little book. Most of the crafts can be made easily with a few basic supplies like construction paper, egg cartons, toothpicks, glue, paper bags and paper plates. We have to help him along but the projects are generally not too complicated. Sometimes there are suggestions for "small fry fun" as well, easier little crafts for the littlest ones. There are fun little poems and informative blurbs on sea creatures plus lots of suggestions for other activities like games and books to read. (A number of our favorite sea books were originally suggestions from this book.)

At our house, the creations often lead to other activities, usually drawing and cutting out fish for the bigger fish to eat. (First Son often draws the poor things with frowns.) Then, of course, we must act out the fun of the big fish eating the little ones. Eventually the crafts start to show significant wear and tear but the kids don't seem to mind.

I haven't quite decided whether crafts like these are important teaching tools, but there's no denying First Son enjoys them and they fill our time with some measure of hand-eye coordination and skill development (with scissors, for example). I have no doubt it's time better spent than watching a video and I think we'll try to fit some crafts time into our homeschooling in the fall. Too bad it's a little too early for woodworking. I could always use more shelves.

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