Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Small Successes


I'm so pleased to participate in Small Successes over at Faith & Family Live today. I actually have some successes!

1. I finally exchanged First Son's jeans for new ones. (It only took a month.) I wisely invested in jeans from Sears this past winter based on his earlier performances. Of the past eight pairs of jeans he's owned, eight of them have ended up with a great big hole on the right knee. So yesterday, I used the Kidvantage exchange policy to get two pairs without holes. While there, we bought two pairs in the next size up (which were on sale), so we're even ahead of the game.

2. I bought tea yesterday! I love making myself a big pot of tea using loose leaf black teas, but ran out weeks (or months?) ago. I then used my bagged tea until all the non-herbal bag tea was gone, too. I just couldn't bring myself to attempt a tea run with the kids. Something about the three of them in a little shop full of teapots and tea cups and glass canisters of tea made me hesitate. Yesterday, my wonderful mother-in-law followed me to the tea store and waited in the car with the kids while I bought enough to last me for months (especially since in the heat of summer I love making sun tea with my mint plants). Oh, and believe me, after the night we had with Second Daughter last night, I seriously needed some caffeine this morning.

3. I managed to wash First Son's special green blanket (which was a Christmas present to me a couple of years ago, but I digress) and finish drying it just a few minutes after bedtime last night.

I know they don't compare to Elizabeth's lovely success, but they are my small ones for the week. Read more over at Faith & Family Live.


  1. Why would taking the kids to a tea shop worry you? HAHAHAH! Love your list. I love tea but do not make it enough! What is sun tea? I want to go get some mint and plant it now, just for that!

    Thanks for the inspiration and good reading! Happy Easter!

  2. ViolinMama, thanks for stopping by. I make sun tea in the summer by filling a large iced tea container (they always sell big clear ones with fun summer designs on them at the major stores come spring and summer) with water, a few Lipton tea bags and fresh mint from the garden (ideally picked early in the morning but after the dew has dried, washed and crushed gently to release the oils). I set the container where it'll get direct sun for a few hours (or all day, if I forget to bring it in). Then I chill it in the fridge and drink yummy sun iced tea!

    If you want to be really fancy, you can serve it in glasses with a sprig or two of mint or with some mint leaves frozen in ice cubes.

    Be careful where you plant your mint, though -- it can quickly take over a garden bed. I like to grow mine in pots right on the porch for easy harvesting.


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