Thursday, April 9, 2009

Simply Lovely, Dahling!

Have you seen this delightful book? Like me, did you let it linger, believing it would be just another silly series? We have been reintroduced recently and the kids and I have been reading about Nancy and her family every day. Nancy is creative and exuberant (and she has an extensive vocabulary, which never hurts).

Nancy says her family doesn't understand how being fancy is important, so she decides to offer fancy classes and they sweetly comply. Dressed to the nines in Nancy's accessories, they dine out on pizza (pinkies up). Nancy has a mishap and feels decidedly unfancy, but feels much better once she's home and cleaned up.

I love how Nancy instructs her family. I love that they go out to dinner all dressed up. (I asked Kansas Dad if he'd do the same for First Daughter and he didn't seem so sure.) I love how Nancy, her parents and her sister treat each other - all models of behavior I'd be thrilled to see reproduced in our own home. I love how Nancy thanks her family for being fancy for a little while.

I love the illustrations. When Nancy's father suggests dinner out, Nancy leaps into the air, her dress all ruffles. Nancy's little sister is one of the most adorable girls I've ever seen. I just want to scoop her up!

We have read only one other Fancy Nancy book, Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly, but I'm going to have to seek out more from the library.

Nancy, you are welcome in our home anytime. Please, come for tea!


  1. I also passed on Nancy - low expectations. The toy aisles at Target are littered with Fancy Nancy gear. Will give her a second look, thanks for the tip!

  2. I glanced at another book at the library and it wasn't nearly as good, so I think it's likely there's been some degeneration as the books kept coming. I saw recently that Olivia is getting a TV show and I can't believe the quality of the books will continue as in the past.

    We also don't go to stores with the kids very often so there's not very much chance of adding all the "stuff."

  3. We LOVE Olivia around here. We have two of the books, the original (I think) and the one where she is a circus star. The shows are pretty cute.

    It's a pretty day here in IL. Hope you are able to get out and enjoy the beginnings of spring on the farm today. Chives and strawberries are in full swing, peonies poking thru the mulch, daffodills about to bloom...I'm a happy girl!

  4. Our strawberries are still in the fridge. It finally warmed up (in theory no more freezing nights) but now it's been raining for a couple of days with more days of rain to come. Kansas Dad says he may plant some tomorrow after he gets home from work even if it's still raining, just to get them in the ground. We've got lots of chives growing back from last year, though, and a house full of seedlings!

  5. SJ just checked out the Boujour Butterfly book from the library and absoulutely loves it. This is the first Fancy Nancy book she has read, but she loves to look at all the costumes Nancy wears. She's already asking for a "big" tutu like Nancy's.


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