Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Is So Me

Suzanne Temple at Blessed Among Men.

I'm always turning away from videos and pausing as I read books because the tears are threatening. Most recently, it was Least of All, a sweet little book about Raven Hannah, a young Vermont girl who wants very much to help on the farm like her older brothers but she's always more of a hindrance than a help. When she's finally big enough for a task all her own, churning the butter, she also discovers it's a lonely task, sitting inside by herself as everyone else works elsewhere. So as she sits and churns, she searches through the Bible for the verses she's memorized at Sunday School and over the summer and fall months, teachers herself to read. She amazes the family, who have always treasured their Bible though not a one of them can read it.

Until Raven teaches them.

By the way, my dear Vermont friend, I thought of your family the whole time I was reading this book and highly recommend it to you!


  1. That books sounds good. I had not heard of it before. Our library doesn't have it, but I just ordered it on paperback swap!
    I always start crying whenever I read "Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge" to the girls - it's a sweet story about a little boy who lives next door to a nursing home.

  2. I think you and your girls will enjoy it, Tiffany. And I hope you like PaperBackSwap. I just ordered a book called Emma Bean, which we really enjoyed. It's outrageously expensive on Amazon used (out of print, of course), but there it was on PBS. (Your girls might like Emma Bean, too, but be careful...they might want you to sew them all some bunnies.)


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