Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catching Up and Heading Out

I have a brutal headache and a lot to do tonight, so I'm just going to throw all these pictures together in a single post.

Kansas Dad has been hard at work on our garden. It's coming along a little slower than he'd hoped with all the rain, but hopefully he'll have a lot of time to work on it next week.

Second Daughter loved the chalk. Of course, you have to keep a close watch or she eats it.

We have a few beautiful clematis flowers. The vine as a whole needs a lot of pruning. Only four flowers so far, and two of them are hidden in the back. I have yet to identify the variety, which we need to do before we start pruning. Let me know if you know what it is!

First Son has discovered Legos and he's hooked. He has a few Pirate sets and will put them together (following the instructions) and then take them all apart again. Over and over.

Second Daughter has started crawling. Just today she figured out she could use this new skill to get somewhere. Not so convenient for me as I spent the day packing for our trip and had trouble keeping track of her. I don't have a video of her crawling, but I do have one of this snapping turtle running away from us.


  1. I will be needing a gardening tutorial, would love to see how it's done :)

  2. I hope you have a good trip!

  3. Did I see something on your sister's facebook about getting married? So confused...

    Love the turtle video. We don't get many turtles around here. I remember finding box turtles, toads, etc when I was a kid.

  4. Never mind! I went out to her page again and figured it out. Very happy for her. If that's where you are, enjoy being with the fam!!!


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