Monday, May 11, 2009

We Can Check That Off the List

Last Tuesday, First Daughter had her first success in the toilet training arena. The next day, Kansas Dad adventurously put her in underwear first thing in the morning. Since then, she's had one accident. So I'm going to call it done. She's trained.

With almost no effort on our part, I might add. Sometimes my kids can astound me. (Actually, I'm astounded on a daily basis, but this one seems like a feat that might actually astound some other people, too.)

We're still putting her in a diaper for naps and bedtime, but that's only to be expected. At least twice she's been dry after a nap.

Of course, the kids and I are heading out of state on vacation in a few days. We'll have to see how she does on the road.

I have a few pictures on the camera (more irises anyone?), but no energy to deal with them tonight. I promise to get some posted before we leave on vacation (especially since I probably won't post from the road).


  1. WOW! Congratulations! This was an encouraging post for me as I'm getting brave enough to try training with Q. soon. I just bought training pants last night, but have yet to wash them...Hmmm...I hope it goes that well for ME! :)

  2. That *is* astounding. Go First Daughter!

  3. I wish I could impart some wisdom on our methods, but I'm not quite sure what we did that worked. We talked about using the bathroom like a big girl for months and we let her sit on the potty whenever she asked. Perhaps it was when I actually let her wear underwear and she felt what happened when it got wet. As with First Son, I think she decided she was ready and we just happened to be along for the ride.

    I'm pretty lazy, so if she had had lots of accidents, I probably would have just gone back to diapers for a while, especially given our upcoming vacation.


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