Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Changes for the Baby Girl

Through the generosity of my aunt and uncle, she has this wonderful crib (and we can keep First Daughter contained a bit longer). Kansas Dad put it together for us yesterday and she tried it out last night. She slept just as well as she did in the co-sleeper, which is about as well as I'd hoped. (She still wakes around 11 pm and comes to bed with us. She's a snuggly one.)

Kansas Dad has been checking things off his list like crazy, even after the rush of baby-proofing last week. I'm so happy to have this crib and he also repaired my bread machine yesterday. (I've been reflecting lately how amazingly God has provided for my needs, even down to a husband who can wield a hammer and other tools, a need that never crossed my mind in college when Kansas Dad and I met. I am not a handy person, as I've mentioned before. My mom taught herself plumbing and still hangs all her own pictures; that will not be me.)

In other news, Second Daughter now has one top tooth through the gum and the second just beneath the surface. I'll try to get a picture, but those top ones are tricky. We'll be very glad when they're both out in the hopes she'll be more cheerful!


  1. Love the new picture of the range. I hope your weekend is as beautiful as ours has been so far!

  2. It has been! Though we're supposed to get storms starting tomorrow.

    I need to get a picture of the wheat field behind the house. It's getting tall.


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