Friday, June 12, 2009

Love in the Irises

On Monday, Kansas Dad wanted to plant corn. Instead, he spent four hours digging up, dividing and transplanting irises for me.

We need to do this with all the irises on the property, but we decided to do just a few this year, mainly the ones I like best that were very close to a trellis-thing we're going to move later this summer. I was afraid if we waited, the irises would suffer (as they're supposed to be divided right after they bloom). So my dear sweet over-worked husband put everything else on hold for some flowers for me.

By the way, if anyone's in the neighborhood and wants some irises next year, give us a call. We'll gladly trade a few for some assistance with the digging and planting. This bed has two main sets and a few random ones. Next year, we have about seven more batches to divide, including a ton of these bright purple ones.

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