Saturday, June 13, 2009

Query I

How wrong is it to discourage a two year old who wants to brush her teeth after every meal and snack? Am I justified if it's a fifteen minute ordeal that, if not closely supervised, leads to a swamped bathroom and a baby playing to her heart's content?


  1. Maybe this is where you can play the "all things in moderation" card?

  2. Thanks, Amy. I do think I should let her brush more often...but not necessarily every time she asks.

    And hopefully, with practice, we won't have such a mess on our hands every time. Maria Montessori would certainly suggest so.

  3. Are you using toothpaste with fluoride yet? If so, you could make yourself feel better by telling yourself that she shouldn't ingest too much fluoride... ;) [we were told to switch to fluoride toothpaste at 2 and use only a tiny, tiny amount each day by the peds dentist...then again, he also said that breaking the pacie habit would only take a couple of days and he was a complete liar on that account]

  4. It is fluoride toothpaste. I hadn't really thought about that. (Usually we use non-fluoride for her, but she got a tube of the fluoride kind the last time we were at the dentist's off.) We have well water, so no fluoride at all other than what she gets from the toothpaste. Our pediatrician and ped dentist both recommend starting fluoride at 3. (She's excited to get her chewable fluoride and vitamins at 3. It's probably be her favorite birthday present.)

    Sorry it was hard to break the paci habit. Our girls weren't ever big fans. First Son used one when sleeping (and never any other time) for a long long time. Until he was four, I think. And then we just said you're a big boy and he fussed a bit once or twice but was fine.


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