Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's that Flower?

Answer: Western Horse-Nettle

Answer: Buffalo Bur

I have no idea. It's a climbing vine. I took the above picture in the evening, as the flower was closing. Below are some pictures I took in the morning, but it was (as you can tell) a rainy windy morning. We have two of these plants, a pink one and a purple one. Anyone know what they are?

I'm not sure what this bush/shrub is, either. These thorns are about three or four inches long and look horribly painful. (I haven't tried them out myself.) So far, no flowers, and I don't remember any in bloom last September when we moved in.


  1. The vining one could be a morning glory? If so, they will go everywhere. The flowers are pretty but the vines can take over!

  2. Hilary, I think you're right! They are growing like crazy, mostly climbing plants (like a wild sunflower growing near the pink one). There's nothing much of our interest over there right now, so I'll let them grow. They are lovely outside our kitchen window in the mornings.


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