Thursday, August 20, 2009

Successes in the Last Week of Summer

1. I took advantage of a rare (up to now) Tuesday off and had a baking day** with the kids. We made all this:

I made banana nut bread (with First Son's help), blueberry sour cream muffins (with First Daughter's help), apple muffins and mini M&M granola bars (which are really cookie bars, as far as I can tell). Most of these went into the freezer for quick snacks for the first few weeks of homeschooling. In the afternoon, we all made animal graham crackers. The kids, who were ambivalent before, gobbled these crackers up. I guess animals taste better than rectangles.

We had a new package of 50(!) animal cookie cutters from Grammy and I let First Son and First Daughter each pick three. First Son picked a shark, a whale and a dolphin. First Daughter picked a pig, a sheep and a T. rex.

2. I mopped the kitchen floor yesterday. This is really a huge success for me because I hate mopping more than just about any other household task. It doesn't help that sweeping comes first and I hate that most of all the daily chores. Kansas Dad usually does the mopping and the sweeping. In fact, yesterday is the first time I have mopped the kitchen floor since we moved to this house eleven and a half months ago. (Yes, Kansas Dad is that terrific.)

3. I recently opened and unpacked the last box from said move.

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** For those that are interested, my recipes were from these cookbooks: banana nut bread (beware, they change the recipes in these cookbooks; I had to tear the page out of a partially disintegrated book to save this one), graham crackers and blueberry sour cream muffins (and I know I've raved about this cookbook before, but these are seriously good muffins), apple muffins (I used the apple bread recipe; it has a little cornmeal in it, which makes all the difference). I pulled the granola bar recipe somewhere online and didn't save the link. It's the first time we've tried it and it's not a favorite, anyway.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
    I enjoyed reading about your successes. The little graham crackers are so cute. It has been a long time since we've made crackers around here. I love the King Arthur flour recipes.
    God bless you!

  2. I love the animal graham crackers! The cookie cutters sound like a lot of fun.

  3. I am childishly excited about those cookie cutters. I've been building my stash to use for holidays and feast days and am sure to find lots of excuses for the animal ones. I thought the graham crackers would be a bit healthier than cookies and we might break them out for things like brownies as well. So much fun!

  4. I have Good Housekeeping from 1973 and the Better Homes and Gardens from 1969 that belonged to Mike's uncle. I use those two cookbooks more than any other. I see no reason to update. Probably would just mean more sugar, salt and fat in the updated recipes...? I'd be curious.

  5. I don't know, Melissa. It might mean less. Certainly the new ones include a bunch of low fat, low salt recipes (or suggestions for ways to make them so). I can't remember the exact changes to the banana bread recipe, but I noticed it early enough to save our page from the trash. We also love the recipe for banana chocolate chip bars (a dessert), which was in the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook we got when we got married in 1998 and nowhere to be found in the one we got a few years ago. (We've been through three. The first one caught on fire. The second was the same paperback as the first and fell apart after a few years, so we inherited a binder version, which is much more robust.)

    We use the Better Homes & Gardens one all the time, but find ourselves modifying the recipes a lot. Many of them seem bland to us.

  6. I use my 1986 Betty Crocker cookbook all the time. My mom has the 1961 version and I've noticed differences. Some recipes I had to copy from hers, because they weren't in the later edition.

    Oh, my floor really needs mopping. Maybe I should show my husband your #2!

    And I still have a few boxes left from our move. We've been waiting for a couple of them until our planned rearrangement of the kids' bedrooms this winter. Oh, that's right, I'm waiting until my husband builds some shelves for the storage room!:)

  7. I'm sorry I'm late reading this. It's been one of those "sick kid" weeks. Thanks for uplifting me with your wonderful words and glimpse into your special family! Blessings!

  8. I know how that goes. We still have lots of tool and outside type stuff in our kitchen and master bathroom because the outbuilding isn't done yet. It's just been too windy and we've been too busy. Hopefully soon...


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