Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Conquering Illness & Getting Something Done

It's been a slow week on the blog, mostly because I was sick earlier in the week and now I'm busy preparing for a visit from my parents and a little party for First Daughter's birthday. I did want to take a few minutes to post some small successes, though.

1. I'm still exercising! What's that now? Eleven times? I even worked out on Monday when I was feeling sick and exhausted. (Something to do with having a cold and being up with a crying baby for two hours in the middle of the night.)

2. I ordered the September pictures. Can you believe Snapfish doesn't print the file name on the back of the picture? Such a disappointment. Winkflash and Shutterfly both do. So they're not in albums yet, but neither are the August pictures which do have file names on the back. However (this is supposed to be a post about successes, after all), I did get the sunflower picture Kansas Dad took into the frame in the bathroom. First Son noticed it immediately, "Mama! I have wonderful news! There's a sunflower in the bathroom!"

3. We have our first group activity meeting today. I volunteered to help in the nursery and put together two bags of toys and crafts to take to keep the four and under crowd entertained (along with the contributions of two other moms). And I did it yesterday!

Head over to Faith & Family for more small successes!


  1. You should be proud of keeping up on your pictures like that. I just recently got pictures printed from Joseph's birth and baptism (and he's 28 months old!). My goal is to get caught up with printing and putting into albums before the new baby comes. At least they are all in files on the computer. :)

  2. I do try to keep up because it's much easier to do a month or two at a time than a year. (Trust me, I know from experience.) That said, I still have pictures I printed for First Daughter's photo box and haven't gotten anything done on Second Daughter's baby album other than buying a binder for it. Oy.


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