Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kansas Dad's Discovery

Kansas Dad spotted this praying mantis a few weeks ago and, in proper homeschooling fashion, ran back outside with First Son and the camera for a nature lesson.

On a related topic, this is the third flowering vine on our trellis. I believe it's a different kind of clematis than on the other side, something like this. There may also be a fourth vine, maybe one that doesn't flower. It's a bit overwhelming to me, and the first clematis, the one I like the best, has been mostly overgrown by the other vines, so I'm tempted to cut them all back to the roots and see if we can sort them out a bit. I know one of the others is a honeysuckle vine, which brings back fond memories of my youth so I'm inclined to keep it as well. Anyone know if these types of vines can be transplanted? (Not that I know where else we'd put them.)

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