Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Small Success XIII

It's hard to believe it's Thursday already, and time for more Small Successes.

1. My mom and I made these lovely jars of applesauce and tomatoes. It was my first time using a water bath canner and it wasn't as hard as I thought. It was also much harder than I thought, but we were had ambitious goals for the day. We also sliced some apples for the freezer, so an apple pie is in soon as I've recovered. By the way, my mom brought her Pinzon Apple and Potato Peeler, Corer, and Slicer and it's amazing. I told her that's what I want for Christmas. I also finally chopped and froze the growing pile of hot chili peppers on our counter. Let's not think about the hundreds still out on the plants.

2. First Daughter's birthday party was a success! I hate birthday parties, not attending them (that's great), but hosting them. I'd much rather declare our family a non-birthday-party-family, but Kansas Dad says they're required. He planned the games (apple bobbing for preschoolers and a pumpkin hunt) and I managed some cupcakes and an apple cake decorated with cut-out apple cookies. First Daughter's favorite part was when the Bob cake-topper got all dirty (with frosting) on the cupcake. The highlight for most guests seemed to be when Kansas Dad showed them how to catch grasshoppers and feed them to the chickens.

3. I did not exercise last Monday, so I missed a session. I planned on missing it because my parents were in town and I wasn't comfortable working out while they sat on the futon right behind me and watched, but I was all prepared to surprise you by making it up on Tuesday. Instead, we adopted a dog. I may still make it up on Saturday. I did, however, exercise at my regularly scheduled time on Wednesday. I'm considering this a success because I didn't let missing a session derail me altogether. (Too convoluted?) I was nervous with the dog, worried he would get in the way, but I put his pillow down and rewarded him a few times with treats and attention. He only strayed a few times right at the beginning. (I don't know what his previous owners were thinking; he's fantastic.)

Bonus: We had our first homeschool field trip (pictures still to come) at the botanical gardens. Still to come this week: our first Nature Study Club meeting.

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  1. How often do you exercise and what do you actually do.
    Great Successes
    I love applesause.
    God Bless

  2. My kids love applesauce, too, and it's a real treat because we very rarely buy it at the store. (Tastier, too.)

    In theory, I exercise three times a week (MWF during nap time for the girls; First Son and the dog watch me) for about 25 minutes. I have a little video I use, a very old VHS tape. It has a couple of routines on it, but I only like the interval training: three minutes of aerobics followed by one minute of weight training (with my dinky five pound weights). I like the variety. Just about the time I think I can't handle another second of whatever I'm doing, the tape moves on to something else.

    I know I should do more, but I feel like nap time is the only time I can really be productive, and I hate to give up any more days. (Plus, those "off days" are so nice!) Second Daughter usually wakes by the time I finish my shower, if she doesn't wake earlier. (I can leave First Son while I shower; he doesn't get into trouble...or at least he never did before we had a dog...hopefully it'll work out all right with Moses around, too.) Sometimes I have to shower after Kansas Dad gets home.

  3. I'm SO sorry I'm so late. I'm here, reading when I can - it has just been too hard for me lately. Thanks for taking the time to post this and inspiring us all! God Bless!


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