Monday, September 14, 2009

Query VIII

I know it counted as science when First Son and I watched a spider spin a web just outside our kitchen window last night after dinner.

I know it counts as science when Second Daughter drops things over and over again.

But does it count as science when First Son says "Watch what happens when I crush this Rice Krispie with the back of my spoon! Let's try that again!"?

And what about when Someone drops a bowl of Rice Krispies and one flies up into the air and gets "caught" in a spider web?

On the bright side, as I was sweeping up the remnants of said bowl, I saw a hummingbird right outside the window.

Now, after oversleeping because Second Daughter screamed uncontrollably for two hours last night, and the extra clean-up time in the kitchen, we're about to start school. Only an hour and fifteen minutes late.

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  1. Hey, that's not bad! I think I've decided that Mondays are probably just going to start late.


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