Friday, September 11, 2009

Quote: Mudpuppy's Picnic

When he was not busy tending his little blue cottage on Thimbleberry Lane, Nigel Chipmunk often liked to walk down to Passalong Pond, where his friend Mudpuppy lived. Mudpuppy was a stout, gray salamander who was always trying to improve himself. He did leg-lifts each morning, ate only the worst-tasting foods because he thought they were better for him, and even one summer tried to read every book in the Thimbleberry Library so he might become a more interesting salamander. In spite of Mudpuppy's attempts at perfection, Nigel very much enjoyed his company, especially since Mudpuppy was such a good boatman.

The delightful Cynthia Rylant in Thimbleberry Stories

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