Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome Pollinators!

The batch of flowers right in front of our porch are apparently extremely attractive to butterflies, moths and bees. We've had quite the gathering there in the past few days. Kansas Dad and I are thinking of trying to move the plants to somewhere near the garden. (They are reasonably pretty, but only bloom for a short time and have the unfortunate habit of sending the scent of onions wafting around the front door every time someone brushes one.)

I think this is a Viceroy.

I'm pretty sure this is a carpenter bee. I haven't noticed any holes, so perhaps we can hope they are pollinating without doing any damage.


  1. What you have there, my dear, appear to be chives! I have several chive plants.

    Favorite recipe: Fresh snipped chives, fresh dill (or dried this time of year) mix in sour cream with salt. Wonderful chip and veggie dip!

  2. We do have some chives, but these are some kind of alium. (Or is it allium?) They smell just like onion when crushed (the stems or leaves, not the flowers).

    I've been enjoying them, but am open to suggestions for something else to plant right in front of the porch. (By the way, we have an herb garden spot already selected a few feet away and I'm already excited for next spring's planting.)

  3. Melissa, Kansas Dad corrected me a little bit. Chives are also a kind of allium, but that's not what is pictured here. Funny, we have a bunch of chives right behind these, in pots on the porch, and none of them are flowering right now.


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