Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Small Successes XV

Each week, Faith & Family hosts Small Successes, where we celebrate the small things we accomplish each day.

1. I started baking for Thanksgiving! I'm very excited that my brother with his family, my sister with her family, and my parents (maybe even with my youngest sister) are coming here to the Range for Thanksgiving this year. I've already sketched out most of the menu for the time they'll be here (including a complete Thanksgiving menu) and this week I made our first batch of rolls. I'm using a recipe from the free trial issue of Cook's Illustrated Country magazine. (You can get it here.) They'll go in the freezer to finish baking after the turkey is done. (Anyone know how many rolls I need if we have ten adults and nine kids?)

2. I organized my recipe binder, including purging a great many recipes I finally convinced myself I would never make. I even used some card stock to separate the sections. Now I just need to get a new binder because this one is starting to come apart at the bottom.

3. We moved the dresser (that had been in the kids' room and ended up in the living room when we rearranged the bunk beds) and all its drawers to right in front of the window, where it will be a convenient resting place for all sorts of things (like the 75 books that are going back to the library tomorrow) until my parents take it home with them in November.

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  1. Great successes! Organizing the recipe binder, what a good idea. Mine could really use a clearing out now that you mention it. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your success.

    God bless!

  2. Kelly, thanks for stopping by! It's funny that you did because I have Danielle's recipe for brown sugar cut-outs in my binder...and have never made them. They made the cut, though, so perhaps the kids and I will try them this week.

  3. I wouldn't think you'd need more than about 30 rolls. Most people don't eat more than one on Thanksgiving. There's too much other stuff to fit in! Of course, if the kids are all little, they might only eat a half. Although you could always use leftover rolls for your turkey sandwiches the next day!

  4. Thanks, H of B! I was leaning toward three batches myself, which would give us 36. In the past, my kids have eaten two rolls (three if they can get away with it) and nothing else at holiday meals. But 36 rolls seems like plenty.

    Two more batches to go.


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