Monday, November 2, 2009

Growing Growing Growing

Second Daughter had her 15 month well-child check-up today. She's nice and healthy!

Here are the stats: 23 lbs (50th percentile) and 31" (about 60th percentile).

Our PA encouraged me to really really try to get her to drink whole milk and eat lots of fat. I was slacking because she didn't seem to care for it and she's still nursing, but apparently she's not nursing enough to make up for it. (He didn't act too concerned about her weight or anything, just thought she might not be getting enough fat in her diet.)

Otherwise, she's ahead developmentally on every single milestone except...that's right: saying Mama and Dada.

She could, if she wanted to. She's quick and understands a lot. Today, I cautioned her that if she climbed up on a little ledge I was going to have to carry her to the van. I gave her a choice, walk to the van holding my hand, or be carried. She walked. I didn't really expect her to turn away from that ledge, but she did.

I just realized I forgot to record her one year stats (when she was also healthy, of course): 22 lbs (about 70th percentile) and 30" (about 75th percentile).

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