Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And More and More and More

Thanks to a post at Faith & Family, I've found another children's book blog, Little Lamb Books. I've just skimmed the first few posts, but wanted to share it because she has one on the best picture books of 2009. I know at least one person always on the search for new publications of note.

I'm still working my way through my list from What to Read When...and then I have all those suggestions from Just One More Book, but I'll get to this list eventually, too. (I secretly adore knowing all these lists of books await us!)

By the way, our current favorite here on the Range (especially with Kansas Dad) was a recent suggestion by our local library, Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French. I dare you to read it and not laugh out loud!


  1. Thanks for the mention! It's so funny, too, because I am going to post about DIARY OF A WOMBAT next week. :)

  2. Thanks! That's great! I checked it out and there's definitely some good stuff there. I also noticed the Tomie dePaola blog on her sidebar, which I didn't know existed - also very cool. He was supposed to be at our big library festival in the fall, but had to cancel because he was sick. I was very disappointed - it would be neat to meet him in person.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews. Thanks for stopping by!


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