Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Query XVII

How long should we let First Son continue to wear shoes a size too small. He doesn't like the bigger ones we bought for him and so far has just kept putting the old ones on. (In his defense, the new ones have shoelaces, which he doesn't know how to tie himself.)

Still...won't the old ones eventually hurt his feet?


  1. Love the new header photo!

    Would First Son be too terribly distraught if the too-small shoes just up and moved away...say, during the night while he was sleeping?

  2. Brandy, that's what I did when I first thought he needed to go up a size. I just moved the old ones to my closet. First Son was adamant he needed them back, though, and as we were going somewhere on a clock, we pulled them out for him again.

    Perhaps I should hide them again and just expect to suffer through a bit of transition time.

  3. At this age, feet are stronger than shoes.
    Aidan told me the other day, "Daddy, my shoes don't fit anymore. See, they broke apart."

    The lesson: if they really don't fit, they'll break apart soon and you can argue with him about throwing them out b/c they make people think you're hoboes.


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