Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For the Love of a Diaper

We love the Knickernappies pocket diapers. I even bought a days' worth for Second Daughter and was so disappointed when she leaked every single time. We then bought a set of fitted diapers and covers for her instead, but we kept using the Knickernappies at home because even with changing her clothes nearly every time they were so very easy (and cute!). Recently, Kansas Dad pointed out that she wasn't leaking in the Knickernappies anymore, so when I was completing our diaper inventory I pulled out all the large 1G Knickernappies pocket diapers we have (she's still a little too small for the 2G ones). Kansas Dad's preference for the Knickernappies is their very easy application. He doesn't usually do the stuffing, but that's a small price to pay for a happy diaper-changing dad.

They've been working wonderfully! I think Second Daughter prefers them, too, because she tries to refuse when I pull out a fitted diaper instead. She'll probably be happier when Fourth Baby is born because I'll have to go back to washing the diapers every other day and I think we'll have enough of the Knickernappies to get through both days.

Now that I know I need a few covers for the baby, I've been watching the cloth diapering blogs more closely. Knickernappies have a new blog and I've been watching for chances to win a one-size diaper because I would SO love to try one! I also started following them on Facebook and followed a link earlier today to Minnesota Mama's Must Haves blog post featuring the one-size diaper and nursing pads from Knickernappies. You can read her review of these two things, which I'd very much like to try but haven't myself.

Partly this post was prompted by her promise of an extra entry in the giveaway for a post on my blog, but I really have been meaning to mention how wonderful it is to be using our lovely Knickernappie diapers again. Those fitted diapers are great, but they tend to be a bit bulkier and, frankly, I think the Knickernappies are softer. (In fact, I often put of their fleecy doublers inside the fitted diapers.) If you don't happen to win one and want to try them out, do head over to Cloth Diaper Outlet for the roomy and comfortable 2G Knickernappies pocket diaper or be really crazy and order some of the one-size diapers. We have been really pleased with all our Knickernappies products (including the absolutely wonderful diaper sprayer).

Full disclosure: If you follow the links to Cloth Diaper Outlet and purchase anything, I do get a small commission. You can read more about the affiliate program here. I did not, however, receive anything in exchange for a glowing recommendation of Knickernappies products. That's all my honest opinion.

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