Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's a Striped Squill!

Remember this sweet little flower I couldn't identify? Searching online for "white flower with blue stripes" didn't get me anywhere. Kansas Dad knew it must be a bulb, so I just happened to pull out Bulbs (The Time-Life Encyclopedia of Gardening series), which we inherited from my grandparents. There it is on page 136: "Striped Squill" or Puschkinia scilloides. (I think he'd be happy to know this series is getting some use.)

Once I knew the name, of course, an online search found tons of hits. I liked this page and this post.

It really is a lovely little flower. Sadly it's already gone. I don't know if it was eaten by the bunnies or if it just naturally died out.

In other exciting gardening news, the first irises flower stems are shooting up! I think our first irises bloomed in early May last year, so we still have a few weeks before they bloom, but I'm excited to see if the ones we transplanted do well this year. We still have seven or eight bunches to divide.


  1. Hey, when is Kansas dad going to respond to my email?

    We're just moving our pepper and watermelon seedlings outside here in the Garden State.

  2. Hi Mazzucco, Kansas Dad says he already sent a short list and will be sending a longer list. Did you not get it?

    We didn't start any seedlings this year. I think we'll probably buy some tomato plants, though, because a garden without them just seems wrong. We have carrots and peas in the ground already, and the strawberries from last year, of course.


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