Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our New Huge Herb Garden

We've been dreaming about a big herb garden since we moved in, but didn't have a chance to even start anything before this year. We're a little later than Kansas Dad had hoped, but at least we've gotten going. He had to burn out some old tall grasses that were growing in there, then dig out the roots. (He liked the burning, but you may notice a few scorch marks on the fence.) We had already pulled out a number of the weeds, but he worked on those a little more, then tilled up a huge area for the herbs. Now he's gotten a few things planted and covered most of it with black garden plastic (or whatever it's called) and mulch. I think he also put edging all the way around, but we hope to have some stones lining it eventually. We have more stepping stones to put in, too.

I'm sorry it's hard to tell in the pictures how big it is and how wonderful it will be. There are two big areas of irises we'll be moving out, too, as soon as they've gone dormant.

I'm not sure how much more we'll get planted this year, but next year I'm imagining whole areas of basil (among other things). We'll probably bury some pots with mint, too, mostly for my tea. Yum!


  1. Mmmmm!! We love growing fresh herbs! I love making Margherita pizza with fresh basil and tomatoes!

  2. Michelle, that's a great idea. I just recently started making pizza pretty often and we'll definitely have to try that once our tomatoes start producing. (Of course, we have to buy some plants and get them in the ground first!)


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