Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Revived Rose Bush

Earlier this spring, Kansas Dad pruned this rose bush back to almost nothing. It didn't bloom last year and we weren't sure what to expect this year, but it's been wonderful!

The first pictures is from a week or so ago and the second just a few days. We love how it looks amidst the irises.

The other two rose bushes were also pruned back quite a bit. (One practically attacked you as you tried to get through the front door.) We're getting a few blooms on them, but not too many. I'm sure they'll do better next year.


  1. We have a little rose bush next to our garden that was making things difficult last summer. I hacked it down (it was already small), thinking that if it didn't survive I wouldn't be too disappointed. But this year it is growing back in beautifully and has lots of buds on it!

    Our yard was landscaped by the previous owner, and there are thorns on almost everything that inevitably prick the kids. So I don't have a lot of mercy when I prune.

  2. Hilary, all the rose bushes are out of the way where the kids shouldn't really be playing. We do have a little bush or tree or something over by the side of the house whose main feature are 3 inch long spikes. I have no idea what it is or why someone would plant it. We've cut it back a little, but mostly we just avoid it.


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