Friday, June 25, 2010

Maybe Ranting a Little Will Make Me Feel Better (Fair Warning)

Remember this quote?
No one is more susceptible to an expert's fear mongering than a parent. Fear is in fact a major component of the act of parenting. A parent, after all, is the steward of another creature's life, a creature who in the beginning is more helpless than the newborn of nearly any other species. This leads a lot of parents to spend a lot of their parenting energy simply being scared.

The problem is that they are often scared of the wrong things. It's not their fault, really. Separating fact from rumors is always hard work, especially for a busy parent.
I've been thinking about it a lot last night and this morning as I contemplate our recalled crib. There's no repair kit; the current owner of the brand is offering a rebate toward a new crib, which sounds great until you see how very tiny the rebate is. So here I sit, eight months pregnant (and arguably not thinking very clearly about the safety of my children), wondering what to do with a crib that is in all likelihood perfectly safe but has been recalled. Not to mention the borrowed crib in our room that is probably more than ten years old and therefore, according to the CPSC, should be destroyed. They don't even issue recalls for cribs over ten years because apparently we shouldn't be using them at all. 

Perhaps there should be a government bail-out for parents who have invested in a crib and now are being pressured to go buy a newer, "safer" crib because our kids may die any time we lay them down and leave the room. I suppose if we had an extra $300 lying around we'd just order a new crib, but I have to believe we're not the only ones who foolishly thought we could use one of the two cribs we already have.

Three hours to nap time...


  1. Ahhhhh, fear-mongering. I've been whining about that lately as well, for a different reason, but still the same in a sense. I think we have become a society who refuses to trust our own good sense and our own intuition. Too many people have the idea that "why should I take care of myself when the government can" or "why should I think for myself if I can let someone else think for me." GAH!!! And thus we get crib recalls and other mandates from the gov't when really, is it any of there business in the first place? I think not. And I realize, there is a happy medium for sure, and government standards and regulations help to ensure that we get safe products etc., (along those lines, if the crib is so unsafe, why was it sold in the 1st place) but at what point did we throw our common sense out the window and become`nothing more than blind followers. Now I'm ranting.

    We bought a crib without drop sides for the specific reason of there being (hopefully) less to go wrong. Regarding your quandry, I really don't know what I'd do, and trying to make the decision with a not-so-rational pregnancy brain (been there!) doesn't help matters. I will pray for you. You guys are great parents and will do what's right and best fot your family right now.

    God bless!

  2. We have an extra (but probably older than 10 years old) crib that you would be more than welcome to borrow/have. It's one of those Jenny Lind style ones very similar to this one It has a drop side, but all the pieces involved in the drop side are metal, so I'm guessing it's very safe and not likely to break. I'm pretty sure it's at Monica's house?? Let me know, friend.

    In the meantime, take it easy and rest assured knowing that whatever decision you make regarding your kids is the best one for them. God bless!

  3. How funny michelle, I thought of that but didn't want to offer since it's not mine. Yep, in the basement.

  4. Thank you, ladies, for the offer, but I don't think we'll need it. We could get by easily with one crib now (for at least six months or so) and we have one older one that (as far as we know) hasn't been recalled. For the moment, we're going with what we have, but I told Kansas Dad I reserved the right to any extra money from our outbuilding fund...if there is any. I might feel better in two or three months, too, once the pregnancy hormones have settled down to normal levels.


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