Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Maybe This Is Nesting

I've never really felt the nesting instinct before a baby was born, at least not that I noticed. Perhaps I was too tired when I was working full-time, or just too distracted since I didn't sit around looking at the messy kitchen very often.

Now I think I know what they mean.

Last Friday, I cleaned the refrigerator. Not just wiping the shelves, which I try to do on Fridays before Kansas Dad comes home with another week's worth of groceries. I sat on the floor, pulled everything out and clean the shelves and the drawers, tops and bottoms. I'm not sure it's been so clean since it was empty right after we moved into the house!

Today, after washing the breakfast dishes (with help from First Daughter), I cleaned the counters and then glanced at the chest freezer. I wipe the chest freezer off every time I clean the counters, but there always seemed to be a little residue left. Today, I sprayed it with cleaner (as opposed to just a washcloth with soapy water) and started scrubbing with a toothbrush. First Daughter was intrigued, so she helped, too. (I use a cleaner of castile soap and essential oils, so I don't have to worry about letting her help clean if she asks.) I scrubbed after her quite a bit, but she did a surprisingly good job.

Then my glance fell on the hutch, which is perilously close to the table so often gets sprayed with food and drink from Second Daughter's meals. We always wipe it down, but sometimes we miss a little or don't see it until later. And it was dusty...so then I made some furniture polish (olive oil and distilled vinegar) and cleaned it from top to bottom. So beautiful and gleaming! It made the bookshelf look a bit dingy, so I wiped down most of that, too. (I didn't actually take the books off the shelves.)

And it's just now lunch time.

It's not clear to me how having a gleaming hutch in my kitchen will make the house a better or safer place for the baby, but I do love how wonderful it looks just now.

For those that are interested, I make the cleaners with recipes from Green Clean: The Environmentally Sound Guide to Cleaning Your Home.


  1. YAY sounds like you got some great stuff accomplished. The book looks interesting. We use chemicals minimally around here, I'd love to go chem free though. Love vinegar and use it a lot already. It's the bathtubs that really worry me, however...

  2. Yeah, that sounds like nesting to me.

    Monica, I've been having success lately with wiping the tub down with a good microfiber cloth DAILY when I first get in the shower (after it's been deep cleaned to start with). I just got sick of it always seeming dirty and then having to do back-breaking scrubbing when I couldn't overlook the scum anymore. Takes about 2 minutes each time, but if I miss a day it's noticeably more work (!). I also spray everything (especially the shower curtain) with vinegar once a week to keep the mildew away. This is a pretty new routine for me, but so far it's working--always a shiny tub!

  3. Yes Jill, it does sound like you're nesting!! It always seems like the funniest things get cleaned when I'm nesting. Oh well!

    I'm intrigued also with your cleaning products. What great ideas!!

  4. Monica, we use traditional cleaning products in the bathroom, mostly because we bought a few when we first bought this house and it needed some serious deep cleaning and those containers can last a very long time! Once it's gone, I may alternate between the two. I hate having to "clean" a bathtub after I clean it because I'm nervous about the chemicals in it.

    Michelle, the cleaning stuff is very easy and not hard to find at all. Dillons and Walmart carry almost everything used in the recipes in the book. There are a few things I'm pretty sure are only at Whole Foods (essential oils and vegetable glycerin), but it's been a while since I've checked out the aisles at the other stores since Kansas Dad does the grocery shopping.

    I'm not sure the make your own cleaners are cheaper than what you can buy with coupons and sales all the time, but there are so many things you can clean with just baking soda or vinegar and those are CHEAP!

  5. If you get bored, I have a few things that need cleaning. Or, maybe you can just send Second Daughter??!!

  6. Hilary, you use a microfiber cloth with just water before you shower? That sounds so easy! Maybe I could get Kansas Dad to do it. ;-) And vinegar is a great disinfectant. The green clean book recommends that with some essential oils and water for cleaning the toilet. I haven't tried it yet, but that has to be cheaper than buying something at the store.

    Jill, getting bored isn't the problem. (I find it interesting that I'm essentially never bored anymore. I think I remember being bored as a child quite a lot.) Anyway, it's getting tired.

    I cannot believe how helpful First Daughter has become! Of course she's not as thorough, but she's only three. I often wash the tougher dishes and then let her go to town with a sinkful of soapy water and whatever is left (non-breakable and not too dirty). She loves it and I get the rest of the kitchen clean while she's at it. Kansas Dad likes to sing "Tradition" when she tells him all the things she helped with during the day, but it's not that First Son doesn't also help. He does, too, sometimes (especially with moving laundry around now that it's annoying for me to get down and up again so often), but he's definitely not as interested as she is. He's also been at Totus Tuus yesterday and today, so First Daughter hasn't been distracted by an easy playmate.

  7. You should see if you have a Norwex rep living near you. Norwex is a cleaning product company that's main product is microfiber anti-bacterial cloth that cleans with only water. They have a variety of other products too that you use only with water. You can also check them out on the web.

  8. Hilary, thanks for the tip!! I have a bunch of microfiber towels sitting in my sewing room, I use them as absorbent layers when I sew dipes sometimes. I'll have to give that a try!! Vinegar and baking soda are indispensable for sure when it comes to household cleaning.


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