Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our New Chicks

They were still nervous from having their bedding changed, but I didn't want to wait longer for a picture because they make a mess very quickly!

I took this picture a few days ago now. They've already moved up to wood shavings for bedding and Kansas Dad is considering moving the heat lamp further away as they don't seem to need it as much. Kansas Dad thinks it's funny how much like chickens they already are. They exhibit all the same behaviors, though they haven't quite learned to come running when Kansas Dad leans over with food. I think we'll have to wait until they're old enough for kitchen scraps and bugs before they realize what a source of yummy food and treats he can be.

Kansas Dad culled one of our hens today. She had a cut that just would not heal and was suddenly much worse today. Hopefully we'll be able to survive with just nine until these chicks are ready to start laying! (I think we can manage, though my angel food cake plans may be hampered. Those cakes use a lot of egg whites.)

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