Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jesus Loves Them

I've been trying to get a little video of Second Daughter singing "Jesus Loves Me" to share (and to remember her sweet little voice). I thought I'd have a chance a few days ago, but the other kids were drawn in by the camera and kept straying between the camera and Second Daughter. I finally just gave in and invited them to join us.

First Son was so excited to see the video, he wouldn't let the girls actually finish the song. That's probably for the best since my ancient computer almost died three times while uploading the video to YouTube. I'm not sure it could have handled anything larger. Hopefully you can still hear her little voice.

Second Daughter, by the way, is covered in chocolate yogurt. We let the girls choose a few flavors themselves at the store. Neither of them liked eating the chocolate yogurt, but Second Daughter loved smearing it all over her arms, hands and high chair tray.

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  1. Super sweet. I hear you about the dying computer. I don't even attempt video on mine. I would throw it across the room, this I know. ;-D


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