Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book Review: Dinosaurs on the Move

Back in early July, Kansas Dad and I picked a few little gifts to tuck in the hospital bag for the older kids. They came in very handy, just as I had hoped, as we waited for all the paperwork before we could head home.

Dinosaurs on the Move: Movable Paper Figures to Cut Color, and AssembleMy favorite selection was for First Son: Dinosaurs on the Move: Movable Paper Figures to Cut Color, and Assemble. He loved them! Each page has a dinosaur to cut out that can be put together with fasteners to create a dinosaur that really moves. There are ten different dinosaurs and each has a colored page and a black and white page that can be colored, for a total of twenty dinosaurs to create.

First Son needed some help with the first one but then he took off and handled them all on his own (other than tearing out the page from the book). First he did all the black and white ones, coloring them in before putting them together. He says those are the males. Then he put all the colored ones together, the females of course. He says the males are very excited to have their mates.

The dinosaurs in the book are the popular ones: allosaurus, ankylosaurus, tyrannosaurus, etc. There are some cards at the front of the book that give basic information on the included dinosaurs: size, diet, where fossils were found, and so on. I didn't see anything specifically about evolution in the descriptions. First Son pretty much skipped over those, probably because the dinosaurs themselves were so inviting.

These pictures are from about a month ago, by the way. I will catch up eventually.


  1. Kansas Mom,
    What colorful dinosaurs! Glad to hear First Son had a great time with the dinosaurs. Yes, there is no evolution discussion in the book. We only included information on size, habitat, diet, the location of fossil discoveries, and general features about each dinosaurs.
    Thank you for sharing about the book!
    Figures In Motion

  2. Cathy, thanks for coming by! We have also purchased the Figures In Motion book for our homeschool this year. I showed the kids today and they are so excited to have more!


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