Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Catholic Company Review: Saints and Their Stories

Saints and Their Stories by Maria Loretta Giraldo, illustrated by Nicoletta Bertelle

I think I may be addicted to books on the saints, especially books on the saints for children. I'm not sure it's possible to have too many of them. I just wanted to clearly state my bias before beginning this review.

This beautiful hardcover book tells briefly of eighteen saints. We learn a little of who they were and why they are saints, but the author also includes a few legends, descriptions of how they are depicted in paintings, for whom they are patrons and when their feast days are celebrated.

None of the selected saints were new to me, though we have recently read a lot about different saints. First Son's favorite saint, St. Francis, is included, as well as one I've always found particularly impressive, St. Ambrose. The final chapter is on Gabriel and includes information on other angels as well.

First Son asked me to read quite a few of these stories when the book arrived yesterday, but he also read a little himself so I know the reading level is a good one for him, if a bit challenging. The stories are each a few pages long so First Son can easily finish one in a single setting without getting frustrated.

The book is also wonderfully illustrated. They are vibrant depictions of the saints during their lives. First Daughter and First Son were especially intrigued by one showing St. Ambrose battling the devil and his temptations.

A few of the saints are martyrs who suffered horribly for the faith, most notably St. Lucy and St. Cecilia. As always, read stories yourself before sharing with your young children. (Mine are becoming used to such stories. They were not disturbed at all of St. Lucy's sufferings, which included blindness, burning tar and oil, burning coals and finally being killed with a sword.)

This review was written as part of The Catholic Company product reviewer program. I have not received any payment for this review, but I did receive a free copy of the book Saints and Their Stories. Learn more about joining the reviewer program here.


  1. Cool! I meant to tell you, I found one I really like at the Catholic store, and while it is alphabetical,not chronological order, I really like it and it includes probably 150 saints. It has a big colored picture on one side and the story on the other. Still a bit above Gemma's understanding, but it works and will be wonderful for our family to grow into. The title is Illustrated Book of Saints and is a St. Joseph book. The cover on this one isn't quite the same, but I think it's essentially probably the same book

  2. By the way, this one looks wonderful. I look forward to adding to our saint library. I mean, seriously, how inspiring can it get?!! What great characters for role models for our children.

  3. That book looks a lot like the Illustrated Book of Saints we have. We really enjoyed using it last year. I haven't figured out how to incorporate it this year since we're reading through Once Upon a Time Saints this year.

    I'm pretty sure you can't have too many saints books. I love all of ours!

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