Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Small Successes XXXII

Lately it seems if I don't post small successes, I don't post much of anything. It's not that nothing is happening; it's that most of what's happening is me feeding Second Son! He seems to think it's a full-time job along the lines of first year consulting on Wall Street.

So here are some of the few non-nursing related accomplishments for the week:

1. I finally made my own cloth wipes solution (while Kansas Dad held Second Son). I had some new wipes for Second Son and was inspired.

2. I have finalized plans to start school on Monday. First Son is starting first grade! Our schedule is still undetermined, especially since some of our activities won't start for a few weeks yet, but I thought it would be good for us to start structuring our days a little now that Kansas Dad will be back to a regular semester schedule.

3. I put away the baptismal gown. It was washed right away, but has been laying on my grandmother's chest for a few weeks. Now it's hanging in the closet protected by a plastic bag.

Head over to Faith and Family for more small successes.


  1. Oooh, what did you do for wipes? I use the cheap washcloths plus some flannel ones I've made.

    Washed the baptismal gown? You're own (two, actually) step ahead of me, as I have never washed ours and it's been through two baptisms. Hmmmmm...

  2. Wonderful list! I need to dig out the suit John wore for his baptism. Nathan won't be baptized until November, but I need to see whast condition John's suit is in and if it will even fit. John was baptized at 6 months too, but he was a much smaller baby!

  3. I've got 4 baptismal gowns hanging in my closet- never washed! It's been 8 years at the longest 1 year at the best. I even bought acid free tissue paper to wrap them in before going in the cedar chest. What a slacker I am! Maybe today I'll do it, inspired by you.

  4. Monica, it was so sweltering hot during the baptism the gown was soaked. It definitely needed to be washed.

    Our gown is nothing too fancy - no lace or anything like that. It's just cotton, so I put it in with the whites right after the baptism and then hung it to dry.

    Now, if I'd ironed it, that would be something else entirely.

    Mary, I really should wrap it in acid free tissue paper and put it in the cedar chest. Maybe if we go four or five years without a baby I will...

  5. Oh, and Monica, I bought some of the dino wipes here:

    We've washed and used them once; they seem great so far.

  6. Awesome! Yeah, ours is nothing fancy either. Just white satin, I believe, with a bit of gender-neutral enough embellishment. I had the gal who made my bridesmaid dresses make it before G was born, and it will be nice and special for all of our children to use I hope. We have saved their onesies that smell of the sacred chrism in ziploc bags, and you can still get a scent of it if you open them. A newly Baptized baby must be what heaven smells like I think.

  7. Congrats on a good week! I, too, have been through that period of time where I only post my successes & nothing else through the week. BTW - Your kids are absolutely darling!

  8. What do you use for wipes solution? I'm trying to figure out what works well for us.

    Also, being the sole source of nutrition for another human being is a success in itself!

  9. Great week Kansas Mom! Love the organic cloth wipes. I wish they had those when my guys were little. Fabulous idea! Have a great weekend!

  10. Awesome week! We're starting on Monday too, and I'm a bit nervous. It's encouraging to know there are lots of other homeschoolers in it together.

  11. Munchesmom, Thanks! I think they're adorable, too.

    Tori, my favorite wipes solution is Baby Bum Drops, but I wanted to try making my own. I found some recipes online and picked ones with ingredients I had around the house or knew we'd use for other things. The one I'm using now for Second Son is just olive oil, water and a few drops of lavender essential oil. So far it seems to work well.

    Mary, I have to admit; I just liked the dino pattern! It's really cute.

  12. Farmer's City Wife, good luck next week! We can think of each other...


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