Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sleeping Baby, Happy Mama

Today, Second Son slept in the baby swing for over two hours! We've not had much luck at all laying him down in the swing, the co-sleeper, our bed...anywhere. Every once in a while he'd fall asleep in his car seat and stay asleep after we came in the house, but that's it. The rest of the time someone was holding him or snuggling next to him. It's not that I mind so very much...but there are a number of things easier to do when not holding a baby.

Anyway, I set him in the swing just for a few minutes to clear the lunch things off the table. And he stayed asleep. I quickly started another load of laundry, folded what was clean and dry, picked up a little bit, cleaned out a corner of our room that has been collecting extra pillows and blankets, put Second Daughter in her crib for a nap, planned a bit of our schedule for next week when we start school and even blogged a little bit. It was almost more time than I knew how to fill after so long pretty must just holding a baby.

I could not believe how long he slept!

Then, when he did wake up, I think he smiled at me!


  1. Ahh, isn't that nice! Here's hoping second son will give you many such breaks so that you can more enjoy the times you are holding/snuggling him.

  2. He might have napped for me again today, but I made a crucial mistake. He'd been in the swing (in the kitchen) for about half an hour when I decided to try to do the dishes...they really needed to be done and I hate doing them with a baby in the carrier. Of course, I woke him. Oh well. Next time I'll organize the office instead. (Or more likely, teach some lessons.)


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