Friday, September 10, 2010

Gallery of Second Son

A few weeks ago, Second Son was obviously outgrowing his 3 month clothes, so I started making a big effort to take some pictures of him in my favorite outfits before washing them and setting them aside. (I'm really trying to steel myself to give away all but a few.)

This onesie says "Caution: may cause sleepless nights" and I love it. I think I bought it before my nephew was born and my sister-in-law sent it back for Second Daughter. I should try to pack it up for my newest nephew (born on Sept. 2nd -- three grandsons this year for my parents!) Second Son is three weeks old in the picture.

This outfit is one I bought before First Daughter was born. She and Second Daughter didn't wear it very much and neither did Second Son since it was a hundred degrees here. Still, I managed to get at least one picture and it's one of my favorites. He's three weeks old in this picture, too.

Three weeks and three days old.

One month exactly and a bit swamped in these 6-9 month clothes, but it's an outfit First Son wore. I had to pull out some 6-9 month clothes because some of his diapers are getting rather big. He's quickly coming up on toddler sizes for the fitted diapers we have (with just two sizes; the first is supposed to last eight to ten months).

Now, of course, Second Son is seven weeks old. I took some amazing pictures yesterday of a very smiley guy who took a three hour nap! I'll get some of those on the blog in a month or so.


  1. Wow...what a big and healthy boy! He is just adorable.

    We are finally beginning to fill out our 0-3 month old clothes. Unfortunately, most of the cute "fire" outfits I have (my husband is a fire fighter) from Benjamin can not be worn by Luke. Ben was a November baby so most of the 0-3 month stuff is heavier material and long-sleeved. *sigh*. Fortunately, my sister had a baby a few years ago in July so I do have lots of gently-used and blessed baby boy clothes from her.

    In fact, my parents have only one-granddaughter...our first born, so Ben and Luke have lots of hand-me-downs from my nephews!

    Have a wonderful Friday,

  2. He is just beautiful, Kansas Mom. I love the new pic in the sidebar. Totally precious. I love his hair.


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