Friday, September 10, 2010

Queries XXVI and XXVII

XXVI: Has anyone else noticed that I use a lot of parentheses in my posts?

I think it's the blogging equivalent of writing ten pages for a six to eight page paper but pretending I'm not by putting a third of the paper in the footnotes.

XXVII: How many "knock-knock" jokes must a mother endure before she can request the kids move on to something else? It would be bad enough if they were just bad jokes, but First Son is only barely beginning to understand what makes a knock-knock joke "funny" and most of the time they end with a phrase that means nothing at all. (First Daughter's jokes always end with a phrase that means nothing at all.)

And there are those parentheses again.


  1. As to XXVII, all I can say is that we are 8 here and still telling really. bad. jokes.


  2. My oldest figured it out a year or two ago. He was 9ish. I found it helpful to buy him a joke book that had a bunch of them for him to choose and we read them together.

  3. Ah, so there are years of such jokes in my future. Good to know.

    A., I picked up a few joke books at the library. They were a little helpful, but the kids like to improvise and expand on the ones in the book.


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