Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Small Successes XXXV

1. We attended First Friday mass with the homeschool group (which included a wonderful blessing for us all in the new school year) followed by a delightful picnic with the whole group (after spending the morning at a playgroup). We never went last year (shockingly, considering it's held at Kansas Dad's campus), but I am hoping to make it every month this year. The weather was fabulous and the company was wonderful. (The lunch I packed was rather boring, but the kids spent most of the time digging in the dirt and running around so I don't think they cared.) I was exhausted! But since we were gone all day, the living room was remarkably tidy.

2. I sent out an invitation (email, because I'm lazy that way) for First Daughter's birthday party. Three weeks is plenty of time, right? (I'm not really sure; I hate planning birthday parties.) At one point she wanted to invite something like eight families comprising over thirty children, but we convinced her to limit it a bit more. She picked four families (fourteen children, not counting ours, if they all come). The theme is art and so far I know we're decorating cupcakes. We might paint. I don't know. I fear the mess and the weather, if we can't be outside. And we don't have tables or chairs. (Did I mention I hate planning birthday parties? Suggestions welcome!)

3. Yesterday I made a loaf of wheat bread, two loaves of apple bread and hard-boiled a dozen eggs. I also washed some of the dishes! Then, running out the door for choir (because Second Son was crying, not because we were late), I forgot my wallet, the cell phone, the wet bag and a burp cloth. I couldn't buy gas (which I'd been planning on), but at least I had all four kids and the kitchen was reasonably clean and yummy fresh-bread-smelling when we got home!

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  1. For the birthday party, do any of the families coming have kid sized tables/chairs? They could potentially bring them along. If you covered any available table space with paper tablecloths, you could put out markers or crayons for the kids to use to draw all over them, which would eliminate paint spills/clean up. Or you could wait to see what the weather will be and only paint if it can be done outdoors!

    Just having a bunch of balloons around for the kids to throw, bounce, etc. has always been an easy hit here. It can be tricky if you have little ones of the right age to want to eat broken balloon pieces, though.

    A friend of mine had this simple idea for cake decorating--put the frosting in ziplock bags. When you want the kids to decorate, cut a corner off each bag for an easy frosting dispenser!

  2. Great list of successes this week. I would love your recipe for apple bread! Sounds scrumptious!

  3. I LOVE #3! :-D Apple bread? Do you like your recipe? (well, obviously you do because you made 2 loaves of it). I've been looking for one lately as apple season is about to start here and I wanted to do something different than the gallons and gallons of applesauce :).

  4. Hi there!

    I discovered your blog through Faith & Family. I often read a fellow blogger's "Small Successes" post so I was familiar with the format. Congrats on your small successes this week! BTW...I love party planning, but have never tried an "art" theme...that might push me over the edge as I do like things to be "neat"!

    Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your blog. After I popped in, I saw your header and thought that our baby boys looked remarkably similar in age. Our little one is 6 days younger than your 2nd son...and my he is a cutie!

    Luke took a bit more time to put back on his hospital weight after losing over a pound. Eeeek! He is nursing well though and is now past birth weight (8 bls 12 oz). He weighed 9 lbs 2 oz at 1-month check up.

    Congratulations, also, on 2nd son's Baptism! I wasn't able to get Luke's Baptism scheduled until November 7th. Sheesh! Unfortunately, all of our family (both sides) are out of town so getting Godparent schedules coordinated took a bit of time. Glad it's on Father's calendar though!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better as I see we are both Kansas residents.

    Blessings to you!

  5. mmmm apple bread! And boiled eggs make everything good.
    An idea on the art party if it is windy or just bad weather and you need to go inside. Get a big tarp or just some old plastic table clothes and lay them on the floor with paint and paper and brushes (or just finger paint) and other art supplies you might have and let the kids have fun there.

  6. Hilary, I like the idea of a table with crayons and markers. I think we'll do that for the little kids. My mom suggested a table on the porch for painting if the weather is bad - a great idea since the porch needs to be painted anyway. I think I will put the frosting into ziploc bags, too.

    Mary & FCW, I just used a recipe in my Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. Under the zucchini bread recipe, it said I could substitute 1 1/2 cups shredded apple for the 1 cup zucchini. It takes great, but I think I'd like it a little moister. I would think you could do that for just about any zucchini bread recipe.

    Erika, I have an shower curtain stashed in the closet that would be perfect to cover the floor. I will have to remember that if the kids will be decorating or painting inside.

    Valerie, thanks for visiting my blog! We Kansans have to stick together - especially those of us out in the country!


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