Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Down, One to Go

First Son has informed us that he absolutely must see a T. Rex skeleton and a Triceratops skeleton. And it is our duty to provide him these opportunities.

So we visited a local museum on September 25th, taking advantage of Smithsonian's Museum Day. The kids had no idea how close we were to dinosaurs and were properly impressed. They have a T. Rex skeleton and even have casts of the claws and teeth for the kids to handle.

Of course, First Son informed me that the Triceratops was just a skull, so we still need to find a complete skeleton for him. Anyone live near one and want to host us for an extended field trip?




  2. I saw that, David! How long will it be there? There are so many cool things we'd like to share with them in Boston, starting with our old small group friends!


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