Monday, October 25, 2010

Now I See...

In Second Daughter's birthday post, I mentioned the Terrible Twos and how I think the Twos are Terrific. In the past few weeks, I think we've been learning what other families mean. It's possible we blocked the memories from the first couple of times around, but I really think Second Daughter is taking this to a whole new level. I can only imagine how much worse it will be if she learns to open doors before she gets through the worst of this stage. A few examples, for posterity's sake:
  • Climbing the piano and trying to jump off. Over and over again.
  • Climbing onto the top bunk. Over and over again. (At least she's not trying to jump off.)
  • Climbing the bookcase.
  • Climbing in and out of her crib. Over and over again.
  • Removing the safety plugs from the outlets, plugging other things in, removing those and reinserting the safety plugs.
  • Opening the fridge and rearranging the contents.
  • Helping herself to cans from the cupboard.
  • Putting DVDs into the VCR.
  • Climbing onto the piano, trying to plug in the stereo and then trying to stick the CDs in between the CD trays without opening them.
  • Climbing onto the toy kitchen.
  • Climbing onto the dog crate.
  • Undressing herself. Completely. Over and over again.
  • Undressing her baby dolls. Completely. Over and over again.
  • Hooking her toes over the knobs of the changing table so she can climb it.
  • Trying to climb into the co-sleeper with Second Son.
  • Answering question after question with "Yes. No."
  • Insisting that every toy in the house is hers and not to be touched by her big brother or big sister.
  • Biting the erasers off all the pencils. 
  • Putting any coins she finds directly into her mouth.
  • Removing all the books from a shelf one by one, stacking them, then flipping through them (none too carefully, as the stack of disassembled books on my desk can attest) and stacking them in a new pile one by one, which is really cute until someone or anyone walks by and sends a slight breeze against the pile which sends it toppling down resulting in disaster and tears.
  • Climbing over the baby gate that is supposed to keep her out of the office.
  • Attempting to wash her hands in the dog's water dish.
  • Deciding, on a daily basis, that she wants to play piano during Second Son's morning nap.
  • Moving a table so she can reach the diaper bag, unpacking the bag completely and repacking it in her own way.
Oh, but she is an adorable site when she bows down before the Eucharist at Children's Adoration...and then she starts running up and down the aisle.


  1. OH. Dear. Me. Wow.

    Where do you go to Children's Adoration? This is something I'd love to get into.

  2. Monica, a few parents at our parish took an hour of adoration for children and it's wonderful! I think they've been doing it for years and years. They have some time for adoration, read about saints, sing, pray the Rosary, and even have instruction. This week we learned a bit about the commandments.

    You'd be more than welcome to come. I can email you the specific hour if you're interested. Gemma might still be a little young for it, but the leaders are very understanding and welcoming. I'd say it's good for the K-5th grade crowd, maybe a little into middle school. I think it's wonderful for First Son, though sometimes challenging. (How many of us are focused enough for an hour with Our Lord?) First Daughter struggles a lot and Second Daughter is nearly bouncing off the walls. I try to adore, but spend most of my time making sure the girls aren't being too disrespectful. (Learning how to behave in such situations is also valuable, so I don't mind. Too much.)

    Afterward, if the weather is good, the kids play for 20 minutes or so outside, so it's also a fun fellowship time.

    Attendance really varies. We've been going for four or five weeks now and sometimes it's just us and the leader family. Sometimes there are one or two other families. One week I think we had four families and over 20 kids!

  3. That sounds awesome, we maybe interested in coming depending on the day.

    She sounds like SL and GH, lol. Too funny, remember to enjoy these moments too :)

  4. Oh, yes, we've found toys on top of our 7 foot bookshelves that WE did not put up there! I think different children go through the twos and threes in different ways. :)


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