Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quote: The Year and Our Children

Mary Reed Newland in The Year & Our Children: Catholic Family Celebrations for Every Season:
The one expenditure necessary for families who would grow in the love and knowledge of the Church is books. These sometimes seem to be entirely out of reach, until we reassess our values and compare how much we spend to feed the bodies, which will one day be dust, and how little to feed the minds, which will live forever. It is worth sacrificing to buy the books.


  1. Glad you're enjoying. I *loved* this quote as well. I am liking Parenting with Grace, too. It is very good.

  2. I thought you might remember this quote since it was highlighted.

  3. Yeah. The highlighting was done as I presented on the book for my Catholic Motherhood group. I was too lazy to type stuff out myself so I just went through the intro that way. Hope you don't mind ;-D


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