Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review: Thirsties Duo-Wrap Covers

I started this review when First Son was five weeks old. He is now over 11 weeks old. Such is life with a newborn.

When Second Daughter was a newborn, we borrowed covers, so I purchased some new covers before Second Son was born. I was excited to try the Thirsties Duo Wrap covers, designed to cover baby from newborn to toddler with just two sizes. (We used the sized trusty Thirsties covers for Second Daughter in the medium size when she was younger.) I ordered a few in size two to try with Second Daughter and six in size one for the baby. I picked ocean blue and meadow before he was born thinking they'd be acceptable for a boy or a girl. (I still think they are.)

They worked wonderfully from the very first day! The size one covers are estimated to fit babies 0-9 months, 6-18 pounds. Our little man was 10 pounds 1 ounce when he was born and they fit perfectly snapped down to the smallest size over his Kissaluvs (size 0).

Here he is!

Very quickly we were snapping them a bit bigger and here, by 5 weeks 2 days, we've unsnapped them all the way. We continued to use the covers over larger fitted diapers and premium prefolds (in the premium size) until he was nearly sixteen pounds (that would be this week), when we moved on to larger covers.

I don't think these covers ever leaked onto his clothes. That's right. Not one single blow-out! They never left red marks on his beautiful chubby thighs and they have held up well in use and washing. (I had a small problem with one of the size two covers. I think my dryer attacked it. Now we line dry all our pail liners and covers to avoid further injury.)

I do wish I'd gotten more of my money's worth in terms of length of use. I had read online that many other babies outgrew the covers around 16 pounds; I just hadn't anticipated our baby reaching that weight before three months! (I don't think I can blame Thirsties for that.)

The size two covers, though, are now working wonderfully on him. With Second Daughter mostly using her Knickernappies, and finally grown into the few 2G ones we have, I think we can spare them for him. He's still a little shy of 16 pounds, I think, but I've snapped them down to the smallest size and velcro the tabs right on top of one another. (I would take a picture to show you, but then it would be another six or seven weeks before I could post this review.) I ordered mine just before Cloth Diaper Outlet had the snap version available, but I think I'm glad because I might be able to fit these on him a little earlier than the snap ones would fit. (Anyone try those out yet?)

I did not receive any remuneration for this review and I paid for the diaper covers. I am an affiliate with Cloth Diaper Outlet and would receive a small payment if you follow the links above and make a purchase. I've always been pleased with the support and products at Cloth Diaper Outlet so I have no qualms recommending them!


  1. Thirsties are great. Just FYI, the size Large in the regulars is just a bit larger than the duo size 2. I have a handful for Kolbe. He is in the duos completely unsnapped now and they fit great. I prefer my rise higher than most though. I have been skeptical of snap fasteners, so would love to hear anyone's experience!!

  2. Thirsties are great!!! Kolbe is in the duos size 2 completely unsnapped now but I like the rise to be higher than most probably. Just FYI, the larges in the regular are a tad bigger than the duo 2s. I have several those onhand for future use. I have never used snap fasteners, so I'd be curious as well to hear how they work.

  3. I never buy covers, as I typically make all of ours, but I did recently buy one of the Thirsties Duo size 2, and it is fabulous! Gideon still fits on the smallest rise setting with the tabs meeting each other in the middle, so we have lots of growing room. I even used it with just a trifolded prefold inside and was pleasantly surprised that it worked well, even though he crawls, pulls up, and moves all over constantly. These are some super covers!

  4. Sorry, I thought that first comment disappeared into cyberspace. Didn't intend to comment twice!!

  5. Monica, I didn't realize the larges were so large. Second Son is also comfortably wearing the medium Thirsties we used with Second Daughter, but I think I like the duos a bit better. Or perhaps I like them more just because they are newer.

    Hilary, it's so nice to hear your opinion since you usually make your own covers! I've been using ours over prefolds with a twist without any issues, but Second Son isn't doing much moving around yet so it's nice to know they're still working well with a mobile Gideon.


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