Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Using Number Rods

I had hoped to photograph First Daughter using her Montessori activities this year and did so very well. On Sept 1st. I'm not sure I've taken many pictures since, though we're enjoying quite a few of the activities. Here she is back on September 1st using her number rods. First we lined them all up from smallest to longest and matched the correct number.

Then, because that was really too easy for her, we did some addition.

I think she was hoping for something a bit more exciting that day. We used our spindle box for the first time this week and she loved it. First Son wanted to play with it, too. Then Second Daughter was interested. They used it off and on throughout the day until First Son brought it to me with one of the inserts pulled out. So it only lasted one day. Luckily, it was easily mended and we can bring it out again some day.

The math activities, so far, have all been a bit too easy for her. I am not surprised as she's been following along with the more interesting lessons with First Son's math manipulatives for over a year. She's thoroughly enjoying the sensorial activities, though, and we're still working our way through the sandpaper letters. I'm seeing definite progress there, though we're using lots of letter activities, games and Kumon workbooks so I can't say it's all the Montessori activities.

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