Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Tip No. 6

If you are planning to paint cereal boxes as ziggurats with your children, don't buy brown paint. They will enjoy the project that much more if they have to mix red, blue and yellow together to make the brown.


  1. Sounds like you're just ahead of us in the Story of the World. My kids are not too into the "crafty" projects (though we did build a sugar-cube pyramid). Or maybe I'm just not so into dealing with the mess. Probably a bit of both, actually.

  2. Hilary, we try a lot of the crafty things because First Son seems to enjoy them, but it's not unusual for them to get side-tracked and improvise during a project or fail to show interest in returning to a project to finish it. Our ziggurats are sitting half-finished in the laundry room and I'm very tempted to just throw them away.

    The good thing is, I think seeing them in three dimensions did help the kids have a better idea of what they're really like, even if they are rather small.

    Mostly they liked mixing the paint.


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