Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Second Son Is Four Months Old

Second Son is four months old today! In honor of the occasion, I downloaded all the pictures off the camera (for the first time since Halloween).

He's been reaching out for toys and other things (like napkins, tablecloths, computer keyboards) and just loves all the attention he can get. First Son even made him a crown earlier today.

He has not been napping well. I could give lots of reasons, the most likely of which is a recent cold that is lingering on. Without a really decent nap in weeks, I got desperate. Today, I put him in the Woombie in the middle of the day. Previously, we have reserved the Woombie for night-time use only, in order to ensure it's continued success. I was thrilled to get an hour's nap with it today! Hooray! I did some dishes! I put the towels in the washing machine! Oh, how I love the Woombie!

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