Friday, December 10, 2010

Deep Discount Code for Sophia Institute Press

Sophia is having a big Christmas sale:

At checkout enter code:
Guaranteed stateside delivery
of in-stock books by
December 24th, or your order is free.
Sale ends Monday, 12/13/2010.

My Christmas budget is seriously depleted (with a few already-selected gifts still to purchase), so I can't partake of this sale myself. But you might have money left and some gifts undecided.

A Mother's Rule of Life is one of my favorite books of all time. You can read my review and some quotes from the book. I already bought copies of this book for myself, my sister and my sister-in-law. Now I just need to reread it and actually apply it! (I could use more order in my life, though I think Second Son needs to grow up a little before life will really settle down. Oh wait...then he'll be crawling...and walking. Hmm. Maybe life will settle down in five years?)

They also have The Year and Our Children, reviewed here on the Range thanks to Monica and Sophia's blogger reviewer program.

Angel in the Waters is a joy to read. I've also mentioned it on the blog before.

Another of my favorite books of all time is The Young People's Book of Saints. I bought several of these earlier this year to give as gifts. You can read my review of it, too.

I reviewed The First Christians, too. You can read it here. I have a copy of A Life of Our Lord for Children by the same author. I haven't read it yet, but it looks delightful.

If I had any discretionary money at the moment, I'd be buying A Book of Angels, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and The Book of Saints and Heroes. And maybe Twenty Tales of Irish Saints. Oh dear, those are all just from the children's books. Please go and buy some and tell me about it so I can live vicariously through you! (By the way, I received nothing from Sophia Institute Press for this post and will receive nothing if you go and purchase books. I still hope you do.)


  1. I LOVE Mother's Rule of Life also!! It's so is also my hope and goal as a homeschool mom...not there yet...but trying and working toward it.

  2. Debi, I haven't even begun to implement a Rule, but I have hope. It's good to "see" you on the blog!


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