Friday, December 10, 2010

Query 30

Serious question now...we've been really enjoying our Advent books, opening and reading a "new" one each day. Some of these are library books, but many are ones we own. Should I let them wander back to random shelves after Epiphany or pack them up to be special books we read only during Advent and Christmas?

I can't decide.


  1. I say Christmas season only. Definitely.

  2. I have packed my Christmas books and videos away for the past few years, and I definitely like it that way. It makes them much more special, and I find that the girls don't always remember the stories from one year to the next. That will probably change as they get older, but it's kind of nice now.
    I recently reserved a shelf on a bookcase that I have in the playroom closet for holiday and seasonal books, though. I sometimes forget about minor holiday books that I own throughout the year, so I'm going to try to keep them there for now. I think I'm going to pack the Christmas books away, though. I acquired four more Christmas books this past week, and the whole collection would probably take up it's own shelf. And I'm a little short on shelves right now.
    By the way, I don't know if you've looked at it yet, but the Serendipity site has a new Christmas unit "Christmas Around the World" posted, and it includes an awesome book list.

  3. I do seem to recall that one summer we did a "Christmas in July" kind of thing, though, and I got out some of the books and videos for that. It was kind of refreshing.

  4. Tiffany, I am always forgetting books for particular holidays and seasons. It's a good idea to stash them somewhere, but I don't have any free shelves in "hidden" areas. I'm planning on making a seasonal/liturgical year binder where I can store ideas and lists of books and resources we have for holidays and seasons.

    I'm leaning toward packing up the Advent books. I'll just have to put them in their own box so I can get them out early enough to wrap them!


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