Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not Quite Perfectly Planned

Kansas Dad, the kids and I picked out a real tree tonight. We haven't had a real tree since...hmmm...I think it was before First Daughter was born. First Son had just turned two. I knew we needed lights for it as our string barely covers the three foot artificial tree we've been using. The kids insisted on colored lights, though I prefer white. Kansas Dad asked about a tree stand and I assured him we still had the old one. Home we came with our small but real tree.

Only it turns out we do not have a tree stand. Sigh. Someone (cough-Kansas Dad, poor guy) will have to go back to the store tomorrow.

Here on the Range, we decorate our tree with Christmas ornaments and early. That's because we often travel during the Christmas season and I don't like to miss any possible time with my lovingly decorated tree.  We do, however, use about 95% unbreakable ornaments. Toddlers are dangerous people around Christmas trees.

Hopefully we can still decorate it tomorrow.


  1. We always put our tree and decos up Thanksgiving weekend. My thing is, if I am going to go to all the trouble of decorating the place, by golly I'm going to have them up long enough for me to get some real enjoyment out of them. I feel like as long as there is the focus on Advent and waiting in our home then it's still a good balance. Maybe I"m rationalizing but it is what it is.

  2. Monica, I suppose it would be nice to have Advent only and then Christmas only, but I just can't care enough to actually do that. We decorate when we have time, sing Christmas carols when we feel like it and generally enjoy this season. Elizabeth Foss wrote a nice article about why they decorate early. There was a link from Faith & Family earlier today.

    I do think I might make more of an effort if we didn't travel, though. That just interferes with everything, especially in the years we leave during Advent.


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