Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Small Successes XXXVII

I haven't participated in Small Successes since last September. I discovered my days went much better if I didn't turn on the computer until after the school day (and usually until after Kansas Dad was home from work), so most of the Small Success fun was over before I was online. (That's still true, but I couldn't resist this week.)

1. I'm not taking antibiotics anymore! I got sick just before New Year's Eve and it's taken a month to beat it, but that's all behind us now.

2. I made granola (from The Food You Crave: Luscious Recipes for a Healthy Life with added wheat germ, shredded coconut and dried cherries, blueberries and cranberries; I don't post recipes from cookbooks, but you can find it here), strawberry sour cream muffins (those lovely blueberry sour cream muffins from King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking: Delicious Recipes Using Nutritious Whole Grains (King Arthur Flour Cookbooks) with some of our strawberries substituted for the blueberries) and banana bread this week. I haven't baked that much in months. (The banana bread is a little questionable since I put bananas straight from the freezer on top of the eggs and froze some of them, then First Daughter flung them around the kitchen when I said she could turn on the mixer, and then I realized as I was about to put it in the pans I forgot the sugar...but they taste fine. Quick breads are very forgiving.)

3. The last bit of our half a steer is the tongue, which is now defrosting in our fridge. We picked a recipe from The River Cottage Meat Book and will give it a try. (It has to brine for five days before we cook it, so it'll be a while yet.)

Of course, just when I thought I'd start to catch up after being sick for a month, Second Son caught a cold from the girls. With three sick kids, thing will still be kind of slow around here. Such is life with kids.

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! I hope the kids get well soon!
    Have you tried the Maple Granola recipe from Whole Grain Baking? I've made it several times and Chad and I really like it. It makes a huge amount, but it goes fast.
    Tongue. Ugh. I had a very bad experience on my LSA in college when my Mexican "mother" put tongue on my quesadilla. Maybe your recipe will be better! =)

  2. You are very brave with the tongue...I just couldn't bring myself to deal with it. I'll take the trotters off the pig, but just keep the organ meat and tongues away from me! (My MIL told me that it is fine if you make a sandwich spread out of cooked tongue)

    Love the banana bread situation - I recently left bananas in the car for long enough that they froze...they weren't ripe yet, so I have underripe frozen bananas in my freezer...I will have to see if banana bread is THAT forgiving sometime soon!

  3. I remember taking beef tongue sandwiches to school once in a while. I'm not sure how my mom cooked it but it was just a slice of meat on the bread. I thought it tasted fine, but the best part was telling everyone at the lunch table what I was eating and grossing them out! :)

    I remember beef heart sandwiches too. I know my mom boiled the heart and the smell of that was very disgusting, but the meat tasted okay.

    I want to try making granola sometime. I should do it now while we are somewhat stuck at home.

    Glad you are done with antibiotics.

  4. Welcome back! We've missed you! And yay for finally kicking the bug...I know I feel like I've been to the pharmacy a million times since the new year. Hope you and yours continue to have good health.

  5. Congrats on getting off the antibiotics! I know there have been a bunch of things going around & for everyone I've talked to, it's been hard to shake.

    That granola sounds yummy!

  6. Tiffany, I have tried the Maple Granola and it's very good. I had to halve the recipe, though, because I didn't have a bowl big enough to mix it in! I usually make the nutty granola because it has fewer ingredients and Kansas Dad prefers it, but they are pretty similar.

    majellamom, you'll have to let me know how the bananas work out. I have a feeling they'll be fine.

    H of B, no beef heart for me, but I'm willing to give tongue a try, especially with a "fancy" recipe. If we're going to see you soon maybe I'll save you a slice or two. (Sorry, Tiffany, you're a bit too far, though I'll let you know if the recipe was good.) Granola, by the way, is very easy. Measure, mix and toast in the oven. We'll never buy granola again.

    JJ's Mom and munchesmom, thanks for the well wishes. I am so very glad to be feeling well again! Today we made salt dough maps! I couldn't have even contemplated it a week or so ago.


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