Saturday, April 2, 2011


The blog was quiet this week because we had guests! We don't often have guests on the Range (besides my parents) because, let's face it, Kansas is a bit of a drive from most travel destinations. Hopefully they were impressed because we want them to go home raving to all their friends, inspiring a constant stream of visitors to the Range. You're all welcome anytime!

Though not all at the same time.

So no time for blogging this week, though I am almost embarrassingly excited to be thinking of getting back to a regular blogging schedule soon. I have so much to say, now that Second Son is giving me some sleep and time to think, and Kansas Dad is only so interested in homeschooling resources and children's books. Go figure.

Oh, and I love Lenten cleaning. I'm not quite done, but I'm discovering it's a great way to prepare for Easter. I have lots of time while scrubbing to think.


  1. "Kansas Dad is only so interested in homeschooling resources and children's books."

    Did you know that is one of the reasons I blog? I think I would drive my husband crazy otherwise. :)

    Enjoy your company!

  2. Brandy, we had a great time with our friends. I really am excited to host more families. (Hint!)

  3. And I must say we had a great time with our hosts!! Thanks again -- it was fabulous seeing you all. The kids are still asking us when we can go back... :-)

  4. Joel, First Daughter asks almost every day when you can come back and play soccer with her.

  5. That's super sweet. She's quite the little soccer player too -- some nice moves and least until she decides it's time for a swing and slide break. :-) Fun times!


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